Favoritner Nationalratsabgeordnete der SPÖ

Parlamentarische Versammlung des Europarates: Istanbul Konvention

Thank you, Mrs President.

Both reports are extremely important for the lives of millions of women, for more than half of our population.

I want to thank on behalf of my faction, the SOC faction, Elvira and Zita for their critical endeavour for the self-determined and fulfilled life for all women in Europe, free from coercion, violence and every bond.

There is circulating a lot of intentional misinterpretation of the Istanbul Convention. Some argue the Istanbul convention destroys values of our society. It does not. It protects women against all forms of violence and violence never, ever can be a value. Some assert the Istanbul Convention perils the existence of families. It does not. The Istanbul Convention prevents, protects and eliminates all forms of violence against women and domestic violence. And violence never, ever can be a fundament for happy families. Some claim the Istanbul convention overturns our culture. Yes, indeed, it does. It contributes to eliminate all forms of discrimination of women and protects and promotes substantive equality. To convert a culture of discrimination into one that empowers women, that protects and assists all victims and survivors of violence. That supports organisations and law enforcement agencies to meet the goal, to eliminate it all forms of violence. Yes. That's a cultural modification all of us, all of our parliaments, all of our governments must support due to the fact that it's the core, at the substantial and constitutive core of the Council of Europe.

Ladies and gentlemen there is no excuse to boycott the Istanbul convention. It's imperative to follow the GRAVIO recommendations, to fight backlash against the rights of women, to save lives and to support victims, support survivors of violence. It's imperative to eradicate violence against women in any kind it occurs, and all of us have a real political obligation in is regard.

Thank you very much.